Sigal Cosmetic Treatments- Helping your beauty last longer

I am a fully qualified medical beautician certified by the Ministry of Trade and Labor and my clinic has been running for the past 15 years. I use locally produced hypoallergenic products that are customized for the hot and humid Israeli climate.
The cosmetic treatments that I offer include facial treatments for all skin types, hair removal treatments using the IPL light beam method, waxing, epilation and more. I cater to both men and women, all age groups and all skin types and pigmentation.
The clinic is situated in the heart of Tel Aviv next to a wide variety of cafes and boutiques (a minute from Sheinkin Street) and is easy to get to by bus.
As a fluent English speaker, I answer to both emails and text messages in English for any queries or appointment reservations.

Facial Products

The clinic uses a special range of locally produced cosmetic products that are unavailable in stores. Products include: Dr. Kadir Laboratories LTD®, Anna Lotan®, Tapuach Natural Tech®, Christina Cosmetics®, Holy Land Cosmetics®, Kart® and more.
You'll feel the benefits of the products as soon as you complete your personalized facial treatment, leaving your skin elastic, vibrant and invigorated.
In addition, free samples of selected products are available.

Hair Removal for Men and Woman - Some tips for wax treatments

Shower before waxing and do not apply any cream to those areas that are to be treated. Applying cream before a treatment makes the hair removal process less effective.
When hair growth is under the skin you should use granulated soap and a sponge every day so that the hair grows outwards. Some products can especially help this and are sold at the clinic.
It is recommended to apply aloe vera cream to sensitive areas (such as above the lip, bikini area and armpits) and to shower after waxing.

Brazilian Wax

The clinic specializes in Brazilian waxing and is recognized as one of the top places for it in Tel Aviv. Client feedback continuously reports that Brazilian waxing at my clinic is less painful than previous experiences in other places. Brazilian wax treatments are provided to women only.

Quality and perfection are my top concerns and you are invited to receive the best cosmetic treatments that you so obviously deserve.

Contact information

Mobile / SMS: 054-647-5077
Fax: 1533-525-6211
Address: 9 Ha'Avodah Street, Apartment 13, Tel Aviv

Opening hours

Mondays - Thursdays: 08:30-20:00
Fridays and holiday eves: 08:30-14:00